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Pregnancy, Fitness, and Food

Workout:  None...yet.  But I might later.  Which is what I've been saying everyday for about the past 3 weeks!!!

Hey, you all!!!!!  Guess who decided to reappear?!?!  And guess what I've been up to?  Just cooking up a little boy in this belly of mine!

So, I'm 30 weeks pregnant, (31 according to the docs, but whatever) and NOTHING has gone as planned.  And when I say NOTHING I am referring to diet and exercise.  First, I had plans of running as long as I could.  My goal was to run to at least 32 - 34 weeks pregnant.  I made it to 6 weeks, folks.    6 WEEKS!!!  Then, the morning sickness hit, and it hit hard!!!!  I was sick all day and all night.  I was so crazy miserable.  And it didn't go away at the end of the first trimester.  It lasted a good 18 weeks!  Once I started feeling better I decided to just work on staying toned.  I was in the gym lifting weights about 3 days a week.  And that lasted an entire month!!

That was a good month.  Pretty much the only good month I've had this pregnancy.  Then, my morning sickness came back.  And I started to get super tired in the evenings which is when I was lifting.  And, well, it is really hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym when you really just want to munch on crap food and watch t.v.

I also had some great eating goals all planned out as well.  Eat loads and loads of fruits and veggies, cut back on carbs and eat more protein, and drink TONS of water!!!  Turns out, all I wanted to eat the first 4 1/2 months was carbs.  Actually, I pretty much lived on PB & J and bagels.  If it sounded good I ate it; I didn't care what food group it was in!!  My eating goals went from eating healthy to eating anything that didn't make me sick!!

Turns out chocolate long johns didn't make me sick!   YAY!!!  I think I had a chocolate donut every single day for one week!  My eating habits aren't the only thing out of whack!  I am extremely emotional and anxious this pregnancy.  Maybe it is because I'm older - I don't know.  But geez, I stress out over everything which is totally annoying!  I started using essential oils about 6 weeks ago and now feel like a normal person again!  Use them peeps.  They help!

So here's to pregnancy, and fitness, and food!  10 weeks to go!!   


  1. It's about time you blogged again! Enjoy 10 more weeks of eating what you want with zero guilt!


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