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Pregnancy, Fitness, and Food

Workout:  None...yet.  But I might later.  Which is what I've been saying everyday for about the past 3 weeks!!!

Hey, you all!!!!!  Guess who decided to reappear?!?!  And guess what I've been up to?  Just cooking up a little boy in this belly of mine!

So, I'm 30 weeks pregnant, (31 according to the docs, but whatever) and NOTHING has gone as planned.  And when I say NOTHING I am referring to diet and exercise.  First, I had plans of running as long as I could.  My goal was to run to at least 32 - 34 weeks pregnant.  I made it to 6 weeks, folks.    6 WEEKS!!!  Then, the morning sickness hit, and it hit hard!!!!  I was sick all day and all night.  I was so crazy miserable.  And it didn't go away at the end of the first trimester.  It lasted a good 18 weeks!  Once I started feeling better I decided to just work on staying toned.  I was in the gym lifting weights about 3 days a week.  And that lasted an entire month!!

That was a good month.  Pretty much the only good mont…
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Summer Races

Workout:  3 miles easy - 100% humidity and dew point of 76!!  UGH!!

Since fall is here in just a few days I thought I should throw my summer races up on the blog while it is still officially summer!!;)

I was pumped about my summer races.  I had a good workout plan in my mind, and I was going to break 23 minutes!!  I was so determined!  Well, I thought I was so determined.  But, I guess I wasn't that determined because things fell apart pretty quick.  There was vacation, and then our cruise, and then traveling up to Illinois.  And although I could have run during all these events, well,  I didn't.  OOPS!!

Fisher Fair 5k

I ran this race with my brother, and this was his first race in 20 years!!  It was really cool to run it with him, and to see him get back into running.  I actually only ran "with him" for about 7 steps, and then he took off.

Mile 1 -7:34  Yeah, way too fast.  I'm actually pretty good at that going out too fast thing.

Mile 2 - 8:12  Wow!  This was…

Chronicles of Summer Part 2

Workout:  2 miles easy, Upper Body Endurance

Summer.  In Illinois.  I kinda think it's the best place to spend the month of July!  Hot days, cool nights, fire flies, soft grass, corn fields - oh my gosh, and Monical's Pizza!  With french dressing!  Okay, anyway...

Adventure 4
Fourth of July with the family!  Loads of fun!  My sister lives right across the street from the park that has a huge firework display.  The park is so packed it's insane.  However, we have our own private viewing area in her backyard.  It's perfect, really!  We had some seriously amazing food, homemade lemonade shake ups,  tons of sparklers for the kids, glow sticks, and flash copters.  We were set!  

We also had this super cool cotton candy maker.  You drop in 2 jolly ranchers, and within seconds it melts it down and makes cotton candy!  Any hard candy will work, but our choice for the night was Jolly Rancher.  The kids were obsessed!!

Adventure 5
Day trips.  We took quite a few of these it seems.…

The First Chronicle of Summer

Workout:  Pretty Fierce Lean Out Upper Body Endurance.  I felt like crap.  I was so tired this morning.  My arms were shaking by the end.  But I finished.  Actually, no.  I didn't finish.  I quit with like, 2 minutes to go.  I'm such a loser!


This summer was absolutely crazy packed with adventure!  There pretty much was zero down time in about a 6 week time span.  That is what I call fun times!!

Adventure 1
So, first there was our little getaway to Downtown Disney.

We explored some of the Disney Resorts, and then Lyla traded pin, after pin, after pin....  It's the little things that excite my kids!!:)

Adventure 2
Then, it was time for a MUCH needed adult only getaway.  Matt and I celebrated our 10th anniversary on a cruise!  We sailed on Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Sea.

We partied hard with all that booze  pop!  I mean, come on, shuffle board.  On a boat.  Yes, please!!  And, actually, I did indulge by purchasing the fountain drink package, lol!!!  I d…

Sandoval Goodwill 5K Review

Workout:  None - taking a week off!!

Race #2 for 2015 is complete!!  I was actually excited about running.  That hasn't happened in a while.  I ran this race last year and loved it!  It is small, scenic, and flat (obviously - this is FL).  And the money goes to an amazing cause: helping veterans with PTSD.  I didn't have an amazing race, but I did run pretty solid.  And solid is good when it is blazing hot!!

Mile 1 - 7:35  My legs were burning already!!  I know it is pathetic to have heavy legs before the end of mile 1.  I'm weak I guess.  I don't know.  They hurt.  And they hurt bad!!

Mile 2 - 7:52  I was so hot!!  My feet were on fire!!  I just wanted to throw off my shoes and socks and run barefoot!  And I almost ran through somebody's yard because they had three sprinklers out watering their lawn.  I held back because I didn't want to look like a fool, but trust me, I was close!

Mile 3 - 7:49.  I had a break through moment here.  I had caugh…

Harbour Heights 5K review

Workout:  Shredding (cardio and weights) from Lindsay Brin - Moms Into Fitness

YAY!!!  I finally ran a race in 2015.  As much as I wasn't feeling it I knew I needed to get my butt out there and race once again.  I kept trying to creep my way out of the race - I don't have time, I'm not in shape, etc., but my husband was very insistent that I run.  I appreciate him for that!

Pre Race

Oh my word!  It was awful.  Orlando cried the entire time we were in the car because he wanted to go back to bed.  Listening to crying for 35 minutes first thing in the morning is torture!  Then, when we got to the race the parking lot was 1.4 miles away from the park!!  With 2 small children that is....well, not ideal.  They had 1 shuttle going back and forth, and the line to that was a mile long.  I still had to pick up my race packet and knew there was no way I would make it in time!  Thankfully, we had the stroller in the trunk and hiked our way to the park.  I jogged on over since I was se…

Running on a break

Workout:  30 minute run - 10 minutes easy, 15 minutes hard, 5 minutes easy.  Ab work


I decided to take a break from running.  My knee had been bothering me, and all my runs felt sluggish.  After a lot of going back and forth I decided that maybe a little bit of a running break was what I needed.  The funny thing is that I am kinda still running while "on a break".  So, the day after I decided to take a break I signed up for 2 races.  Oops!  Ok, one race isn't until December so that doesn't count.  But, the other race is this Saturday.  I have been running 2 - 3 days a week.  Just easy 25-30 minute runs.  Basically, just enough survive the 5K.  The race should pretty much be torture.  I am NOT in race shape at all!  And it has been HOT!!

Yeah!!  I'm talking sweat dripping, eyes burning, seriously can't see a thing HOT!!!  I would have jumped in the lake behind me here,  but I saw a mammoth size gator.  True story!!  I'm thinking my real break will s…